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Mar 2020

S3100A successfully applied on the stone mine

Jan 2020

M300 compact frequency inverter(380V 2.2~7.5kw) phased into market


Jul 2019

All staff visited Thailand

Jan 2019

M500 vector control inverter phased into markets


Oct 2018

Mexico Customer visited us

May 2018

India Customer visited our factory


Dec 2017

Visited India agents

Mar 2017

Servo system( MSD200), updated on the MSD100, tested successfully


Oct 2016

Visited Russia Agents

Aug 2016

India Exhibition

Jun 2016

Visited India Agents

Apr 2016

Hannover Exhibition


Dec 2015

Savch HMI and PLC products were developed.

Aug 2015

Savch SDA2 series high-precision servo drive were successfully launched.

Feb 2015

Savch undertake the national science and technology support plan of 2014.

Jan 2015

Machtric Servo system( MSD100), crane inverter, air compressor tested into market


Jul 2014

SAVCH brand again won the "Fujian province" "famous trademark" honorary title.

Jan 2014

Machtric brand Z900 & S3800E vector control inverter phased into market


Oct 2013

Savch generation of S3800 series of high-performance vector control inverter put into production, marking the company inverter research and development technology reached the international advanced ranks.

Mar 2013

Savch high-power inverter was input mass production, inverter power sector gradually improved.

Jan 2013

Machtric brand IP65 series successfully developed and S800E mini series test in domestic successfully


Oct 2012

Savch launched special inverter for flat spinning machine.

Jun 2012

Savch launched a new generation of glove machine, computer intelligent controller, knitted gloves, flower types beyond the Japanese imports

Apr 2012

Machtric brand phase into Russia market


Nov 2011

Savch launched a new generation of thyristor power controller (power regulator) products, the performance indicators reached to the international advanced level

May 2011

Savch launched 4 color, 6 color, 8 color computer tuning machine intelligent control system

Jan 2011

Machtric brand (S1100V) phase into international market


Dec 2010

Savch launched a touch control machine, marking the company in the field of general industrial controller and system integration has taken a solid step.

Oct 2010

Savch participated in the national cooperation project, and provided the frequency converter ODM products for many well-known companies such as Japan, India, Brazil and so on.

Sep 2010

Savch was awarded the Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology listed in Fujian province "inverter technology engineering research and development center."

Aug 2010

Savch got 18 patents and had more than 40 items of software knowledge rights. Savch set the fields of motor drive, electric control and system integration as the development strategies.

Feb 2010

Savch released S900 \S200 \S1100 \S2800 \S2900 \SDA \SDB series of inventers and AC served drive products, upgrading all of the drive products. The total quantity of low voltage inverters production exceeded 1,000,000 units.

Jan 2010

Quanzhou Machtric Automation Equipment Co., ltd.  was founded, as Savch International departments.


Oct 2009

Savch released many kinds of top plate making software of knitting equipment and special control system.


Oct 2008

Shanghai Savch Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established.

Oct 2008

Savch released industrial touch control products and frequency control products.


Dec 2007

S800 series inverters won bronze prize of Association of Inventions.

May 2007

released S800 series inverters and won three patent rights.

Mar 2007

S3000 series inverters won the first prize of the Science and Technology Advancement Prize.


May 2006

city level project research center was established in Quanzhou.

Apr 2006

Shanghai marketing center and research center were established.


Nov 2005

awarded as one of the top 10 brand by “Inverter World”.

Nov 2005

achieved ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 external audit.

Nov 2005

completed the construction of new manufacturing facility and moved into the facility.

Aug 2005

introduced ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 management system.

Feb 2005

awarded as Fujian Hi-tech Industrial Enterprise.


Apr 2004

Savch released low voltage AC inverter series and achieved CE recognition.

Jan 2004

Quanzhou Savch achieved QA recognition of ISO9001:2000.


Dec 2003

Savch Electric combined SAVCH Electric (Taiwan) and invested a new manufacturing facility in Jiang-Nan Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Quanzhou.

Aug 2003

Quanzhou Sang Chuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd was established by the joint venture of San Chuan Electric and SavchElectric (Taiwan).


Jan 2001

Quanzhou Sang Chuan Industrial Electric Co., Ltd established. Achieved QA recognition of ISO9001:1994.