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Main control fuctions

Maximum frequency

Vector control: 0~600Hz

VF control:0~1200Hz

Carrier Frequency

1k ~ 15kHz; the carrier frequency will be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics.

Input frequency

Digital setting: 0.01Hz


Analog setting: maximum frequency ×0.1%

Control mode

Open loop vector control ;

V/F control.

Start-up torque

Mode G machine: 0.5Hz/180% (open loop vector control)

Mode P machine: 0.5Hz/120% (Open loop vector control)

Speed adjustment

1:200(Open loop Vector flux control)


Main control fuctions

Stable speed

Open loop Vector flux control:≤±0.5% (rated synchronous speed)


Stabilization of

Open loop Vector flux control:≤±0.3% (rated synchronous speed)

speed control

Torque response

≤40ms(Open magnetic flux vector control)

Overload capacity

Mode G machine: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 5s

Mode P machine: 130% rated current 60s; 150% rated current 5s

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1% to 30.0%

V/F curve

Linear V/F, Multi-point V/F, and Square V/F

Speed-up and Speed-down curve

Straight line or S curve speed-up and speed-down mode;

four kinds of speed-up and speed-down time;

Speed-up and speed-down time ranges from 0.0s

to 3000.0s

DC brake

DC brake frequency: 0.00Hz ~ maximum frequency; brake time: 0.0s ~ 36.0s, and brake current value: 0.0% to 100.0%.

Jog control

Jog frequency range:0.00Hz ~ 50.00Hz;

Jog speed-up/speed-down time: 0.0s ~ 3000.0s.

Simple PLC and multi-speed running

It can realize a maximum of 16 segments speed running via the built-in PLC or control terminal.

Built-in PID

It is easy to realize process-controlled close loop control system.


It can keep constant output voltage automatically in case of change of mains voltage.

voltage regulation

Torque limit and control

"Shovel" characteristics, automatic limit on the torque on running time, preventing frequent over-current trip; closed loop vector mode can realize the torque control

Customized fuctions

Peripherals self-detection upon

It can conduct safety detections on the peripherals upon power-on, including earth and short circuit detections.


Shared DC bus

It can realize the function that multiple inverters share the DC bus.


JOG key

Programmable key: Select the forward and reverse rotations/jog operation command.

Customized fuctions

Traverse frequency control

Multiple triangular-wave frequency control function.

Fast current limit function

With fast current limit algorithm built in to reduce the probability of over-current alarm; to improve the anti-jamming capacity of the whole machine.

Timed control

Timing control function: Setting time range from 0h to 65535h.

Keyboard extension line standardization

Customers can use standard cable to extend the keyboard

Operation function

Running command

Three types of channels: operation panel given, control terminal given and serial communication port given. These channels can be switched in various ways.


Frequency source

Ten types of frequency sources in total: digital given, analog voltage given, analog current given, pulse given, and serial port given. It can be switched in various ways.

Auxiliary frequency source

Ten types of auxiliary frequency sources in total. It can implement micro tuning and synthesis of auxiliary frequency.

Input terminal

Five digital input terminals, and seven terminals in maximum (AI1, AI2 can be used as DI terminals), it has compatibility to PNP or NPN input method.

Two analog input terminals, in which AI1 only be used for voltage input, and AI2 can be used as voltage or current input. (if expanded- input or output terminal function is needed, please use M700 series.)

Output terminal

One digital output terminal (bipolar output)

Two relay output terminal

Two analog output terminals, with optional 0/4mA to 20mA or 0/2V to 10V. It can realize the output of set frequency, output frequency and rotation speed etc.

Display and Keyboard Operate

LED display

Display parameter

LCD display

Selective parts, Chinese/English to suggest the operation content

Parameter copy

Use parameter special copy keyboard can copy the parameter quickly

Key lock and function choose

Lock part of the keyboard or the whole keyboard, definite the function range of some keys to avoid mis-operation.

Protection and select accessories

protection function

Short circuit detective of power-on motor, input and output open-phase protection, over-current protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-heat protection, over-load protection etc.

Selective accessories

LCD operation panel, brake group etc.


Suitable place

Indoor environment which is against from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist, vapor, water drop and salt.


Less than 1000m

Ambient Temperature

-10ºC ~ +50ºC (derating is required if the natural temperature range is 40ºC ~ 50ºC)


Less than 95%RH, no condensing water drops


Less than 5.9m/ s2 (0.6g)

Storage temperature

-20ºC ~ +60ºC

Class of pollution



Safety standard



EMC standard