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Machtric is made from Machine and electric. That shows Machtric products can be applied in and focus on those two fields. From the shape of the “M”, it is made up by two hands, the hand in hand stands for we would like to work with all business partners on friendly and mutual benefit basis. Blue is for science and technology, and orange is for energy, this is to say that we are a professional and creative manufacturer and exporter for all the products and service. Please let us work together in the friendly environment.

Our moral slogan is "Technology - Interaction - Vitality". This is to say that we wish to improve the quality of life through developments in technology, to maintain a close interaction with industry and community at large so as to understand their needs and finally to work with enthusiasm in ensuring that we maximize the positive contributions we can make in protecting the environment.

We further articulate our philosophy by promoting our "3E" approach to product development and application. This focusses all our staff in approaching product that will "Improve process EFFICIENCY" - "Conserve ENERGY" - "Minimize ENVIRONMENT impact".