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The characteristics of the automatic equipment debugging have

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  Automation equipment debugging generally divided into several stages, after completion of the on-site equipment installation debugging generally start (i.e., equipment basic for electricity).
  Equipment/system inspection: inspect the installation of equipment or system has been completed, is mainly used to check whether the installation is correct, stable, wiring whether firm, etc. Check whether equipment wiring errors at the same time, especially if there is a short answer or leakage phenomenon. All inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram operation, to prevent leakage. At the same time also pay special attention to check the system grounding is correct;
  Single point test: also known as dot. , after shielding PLC internal procedures for equipment on electricity, then through mandatory Settings/reset operation, such as the system input/output test, to ensure that all the function of the I/O points are normal (including all digital and analog points);
  Functional tests: gradually solve shielding of PLC program, tested item by item, the function of the system operating environment and conditions of the simulation scene, verifying the function block each automation program logic is correct. For example, the test start motor start, stop, and emergency stop condition;
  Simulation alignment: in under the condition of no real load automation system load, to alignment system (such as steel pickling line not injection acid pickling tank, and water in alternative). Focus on testing system of automatic linkage, manual operation, alarm and emergency stop functions;
  The production line to control the light load alignment: automation system debugging, low load test system under the condition of the real work ability;
  Full load commissioning and acceptance: make the system work under the full capacity of design, production capacity of the testing system. At the same time started to acceptance system, and staff to carry out the training work of owner side.