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China machinery development

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China is one of the earliest mechanical developing countries in the world. Chinas mechanical engineering technology not only has a long history, but also has made brilliant achievements. It not only plays an important role in promoting Chinas material culture and social and economic development, but also contributes greatly to the progress of world technological civilization. The history of Chinas machinery development can be divided into six periods: the formation and accumulation period, from ancient times to the Western Zhou Dynasty. (2) The period of rapid development and maturity, from the Spring and Autumn Period to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. (5) The period of all-round development and prosperity, from the Three Kingdoms period to the mid-Yuan Dynasty. (4) Slow development period, from late Yuan Dynasty to mid-Qing Dynasty. (5) The period of transformation, from the middle and late Qing Dynasty to the period of development before liberation. (5) Revival period, Post-liberation development period. Each period can be divided into different stages of development.