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The Value and Significance of Automation Equipment

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  The goal of developing automation equipment is to liberate people from repetitive physical or mental work, and at the same time to reduce the amount of labor and costs, to substantially improve production and quality.
  automation equipment
  1. Productivity;
  The so-called productivity should not only be understood as the level of output per unit time, but also as an economic concept. Productivity refers to the quantity comparison between the cost consumed on a normal working equipment and the output value produced by the equipment. This value should be measured and compared in monetary form.
  2. The economy of automation;
  The technical scheme of automation can only be realized under the condition that its cost is economical and reasonable, that is to say, its economic benefit will be improved under various specific circumstances; that is, when the cost is the same, the output per unit time will be increased; or when the output value per unit time is the same, the cost will be reduced. Only when it is proved that the equipment or process method with higher automation degree has economic benefits can it be meaningful for their application.