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The advantages and disadvantages of common equipment automation, desktop screw machine

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  A small desktop automatic screw machine is one of the manufacturers often used in the production process automation equipment. It has changed the traditional screw lock mode. Only need up-down material can complete complex screw lock pay, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and greatly improved the unified production efficiency and product quality of the product. The following via automation is common and you about the advantages and disadvantages of a small desktop automatic screw machine.
  Advantage of small desktop automatic lock screw feeding machine:
  1. Generalization is strong. Light weight, can assist the production line work, convenient conversion products.
  2. High efficiency. More than several working electric screwdriver, alternative worker; For example with 4 type automatic screw machine, electric screwdriver desk locked four screws continued to   pay at a time, equipment, can lock together to pay a lot of a product at a time. The electric screwdriver number can be made according to customer requirements.
  3. Reduce the physical labor of the employees. The traditional manual screw placement, and alignment screws on must work occupies a lot of time and energy.
  4. Intelligent level is high. The operation is simple, the worker quickly grasp the use and regulation. One worker can control multiple devices together. To save human.
  5. Torque accuracy. Convenient debugging, to ensure tight quality.
  6. Compared with aspirated, blowing type screw really pick up to a group of mouth. Take back and forth to eliminate the screw of the time, more productive, more smoothly.
  Automatically send a automatic screw machine defects of small desktop:
  The defect of a desktop automatic screw machine, mainly is the card machine, floating tooth (lock is not tight), first, these are generally caused by screw quality is not very good or vendor is ignored in the design of screw caused by quality problems. When the screw lock pay because of quality problems caused by sliding teeth or bad product lock is not tight. For most of the screw machine     manufacturers cant fundamental way to deal with this problem! But it is also a problem with the device itself such as adopted by the material, process and application of brand electronic components caused by the problem. Special note: 1. The screws should not be used by existence of sundry, mixing, flower heads, or it will lead to equipment work is not smooth (2) is the common screw should be used, a lot of, little type, in order to enhance the application of the automatic screw machine efficiency (3) the part of the lock screw consistent specifications as far as possible, to prevent the parts of different shades, surface leveling, not 4. Applications such as space narrow polyaxial locking screw machine on the same product as far as possible, use with the size of the screw"