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What are the switches of the automation equipment

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The meter has stroke switch, liquid level switch, flow switch, pressure switch and so on, is a kind of instrument used to reflect the switch quantity signal, that is, to specify a position, when the measured parameter reaches the position, the switch closes or disconnects, sends a signal to inform the operator, the measured parameter to the set value needs to be processed. Switching meters are generally used for state alarm or interlocking.

Equipment in industrial automation system involves the following aspects:

1. Automation equipment, including PLC () programmable controller, sensor, encoder, man-machine interface, switch, breaker, button, contactor, relay and other industrial electrical equipment.

2. Instrumentation and measuring equipment: including pressure instrumentation, temperature instrumentation, flow instrumentation, level instrumentation, valves, etc.

3. Transmission equipment, governor, servo system, motion control, power supply system, motor, etc.

4. Computer and automation software, including industrial computer, control computer, industrial control software, network application software, data analysis software, etc.

5. Communication network equipment: network switch, video monitoring, etc.

Industrial signal isolator belongs to instruments and meters and measuring equipment.

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