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Product description:Power range:   0.75kW-2.2kW  220V
                        0.75kW-11kW  380V
Advantage : IP65 waterproof
          Built-in Pump control function
          Easy installation
“ Machtric”
Focused on Customer Automation Soultion & Represents
Machtric --------------------“We care for your business”
product specification:





Rated voltage,Frequency

3 AC 380V / 220V; 50-60 Hz

Voltage Range

380V: 330V440V;220V: 170-240V


Voltage Range

380 V: 0380 V; 220V: 0-220V

Frequency Range

0.10400.0 Hz

Control method

V/F control,Space verctor control


Operating status/Alarm definition /interactive guidance;eg,frequency setting,the output frequency/current,DC bus voltage,the temperature and so on.

Control Specification

Output Frequency Range

0.10400.00 Hz.

Frequency Setting Resolution

Digital input: 0.01 Hz.

Analog input:0,1% of maximum output frequency

Output Frequency Accuracy

0.01 Hz.

V/F Control

Setting V/F curve to satisfy various load requirements

Torque Control

Auto increase:auto raise torque by loading condition;Manual increase:enable to set 0.0~20% of raising torque

Multifuncional Input Terminal

8 multi-function input terminals,realizing function including fifteen section speed control,program running, four-section acceleration/deceleration speed switch,UP/DOWN function and emergency stop and other functions

Multifuntional Output Terminal

3 multi-function output terminals for displaying of running,zero speed,counter,external abnormality,program operation and other information and warnings

8 multifunitinal output terminals, 1 inverter can control 4 ciircular variable frequency pump