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General mini type(S800)

Rated Voltage: 220V single phase 
Power: 0.2kW~1.5kW 
Output frequency: 0.1Hz~400Hz

Product information for S800 Economy Mini inverter series inverter



Input Rated Voltage

Single 220V

Output frequency,Voltage

0.1Hz~400Hz ,0~230V

Capacity (kW)

0.2 ~1.5kW

Key parts

Microchip MCU & DSP dual core calculation chip

Fairchild IGBT

Delta Fan


CE,ISO9001/14001,OHSAS 18001

Control Mode

V/F Control,standard RS-485 communication

Output frequency resolution


Torque characteristic

There is torque compensation,slip compensation and at 3Hz the activating torque can reach above

Tolerance of overload

150% of the rated output current, 60 sec.

Acceleration/deceleration time

0.1~600 sec.(can have independent settings respectively)

V/F curve

Setting 6 fixed curves + any curves

Action position standard of avoiding losing speed

Setting with the percentage of rated current,20~200%

Frequency setting signal

Panel operation

Setting by ▲▼buttons or V.R

External signal

AVI/ACI setting,UP/DOWN setting,communication setting,pulse input setting

Signal of runsetting

Panel operation

Setting by RUN,STOP buttons

External signal

M0,M1,M2 and M3 form run of various run modes; RS-485 communication port

Multifunction input signal

Selection of section command 0~15,FWD/REV inching motion command, acceleration/deceleration prohibition command,swiching command of first and second acceleration/deceleration,selection of counter,program run,external B.B.(NC,NO),pulse input,two kinds of 3-line wiring modes,output prohibition

Multifunction input signal

During run,run frequency arrival,setting frequency arrival,counter arrival,zero speed,abnormal displays in B.B,program run command,FWD/REV running direction command

Advantage and functions

1.Mini Size

2.Economy and Competitive cost

3.Adopt MCU & DSP dual core calculation chip, fast CPU calculation speed

4.Great performance: auto torque compensation, auto slip detection compensation, low noise, high overload performance.

5.Intelligent wobble frequency, could be applied in the occasions that required traverse or winding, such textile and fiber chemical etc.

6.Built-in PLC, available to preset 16 sections of running program.

Protective functions

Over voltage,over current,low voltage,limit of over load,electronic thermoelectric station,overheating,self-testing,grounding protection,abnormal contact

Cooling mode

Natural cooling/forced cooling


Application site

Height below 1000m,indoor,(free of corrosive gas,liquid and dust filth

Ambient temperature

-10°C~40°C(no dewing and no freezing)

Storage temperature



Below 90RH%(no dewing)


Below 20Hz9.80665m/s²(1G) 20~50Hz 5.88m/s²(0.6G)